St George Basilica , Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly

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The legends and local folklore attribute the name Angamaly as a battle ground. ‘Anga’ means battle and ‘male’ is attributed to a plain ground over a mountain. During the ‘Sanagam’ period, the location of present Angamaly (olden records as ‘Angamale’) was known as ‘Male’. The foreign traveler Cosmos, who visited in India (A.D. 522) in his Topographia Christiana, stated that, ‘Male was the center of pepper trade, where a Bishop was serving among a strong Christian community’. At Angamaly, there were Nazrani soldiers who had been training in different types of fights for many ancient centuries and had assisted local rulers. As a centre of training in fighting arts (Anga) , the nomenclature of the name of this region ‘Male’ might had been transformed as ‘Angamale’ by adding the local colloquial word ‘Anga’ to ‘Male’ Angamaly is the most thickly populated area of Christians in Kerala and the major denomination is Roman Syrian Catholic. Angamaly is surrounded by 18½ typical Nazrani pockets (Christian places) known as ‘18½Serrys’ within a radius of about 10 Km, which were said to be the Viharams of Christians who migrated to this region in olden times. These places are as follows:


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