Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum, Alappuzha

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It is a rarity in India that collections of artistic and also of antique value become objects of appreciation and wonder for the public. In Alappuzha District of Kerala, also known as the ''Venice of the East'', a remarkable personality dedicated a great deal of time, money and energy for the growth and development of the coir industry. Mr. Revi Karuna Karan till his passing away, played a pivotal role towards the betterment of the coir industry.
While Mr. Revi carried on with his passionate and dedicated efforts for the development of the coir industry and for the welfare of those making a living out of it, he also found time to scan the world of fine arts. An avid collector of wonderful works of art; with and without utility, Mr. Revi eventually became the custodian of many fabulous works of art from around the world. A true connoisseur of art, after his passing away, Mr. Revi''s family opened a museum in his name to house some of the selected items from his impressive collection.
The Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum in Alappuzha town is a befitting memorial to a man who besides his first passion ''coir'', also possessed a special interest in collecting classic works of art; old and rare; varied and inspiring.
Located on the National Highway-47 passing through the town of Alappuzha, near the powerhouse bridge, the museum has literally enhanced the interests of visitors to the ancient trade town of Alappuzha, also famous for its backwaters and beaches.
Among the displayed items in the museum, one would without doubt get amazed at the range of crystal wares, especially those from the world renowned Swarovsky. The world of ivory always has a tag of royalty and grandeur attached to it. The collection of works in ivory at the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum is indeed an impressive one. The ivory and crystal collections at the museum are one of the largest of its kind. And for those, who admire paintings, the museum houses a good collection of them, especially that of renowned Tanjore paintings. Among the displayed items, a 200 sq. ft. mural is bound to catch the attention of one and all. This mural, depicting the social and cultural heritage of India was created by using only vegetable dyes, and took about 4160 man-hours for its completion.
The museum also has a space dedicated for d''cor and architectural marvels called ''Kerala Room''. With about 3,800 pieces on display, the museum also has for its visitors an array of other artistic objects, especially those in porcelain, antique furniture etc. A 1946 model ''Buick Super'' owned by Mr. Revi Karuna Karan''s father is another major attraction.
The museum with an exhibition area of 10,000 sq. ft. houses a variety of objects of high artistic excellence and heritage value, originating from different parts of the world, and is the first of its kind in Kerala.

Visiting Hours: 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs on all days except Mondays & National Holidays

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Alappuzha, about 3 km
Nearest airport: Kochi International Airport, about 75 km


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