Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad

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Located around 110 km from Palakkad district of Kerala, Parambikkulam is an oasis of tranquil greenery nestled in a valley between the Anamalai ranges of Tamilnadu and the Nelliyampathy ranges of Kerala. The Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve spreads over an area of 285 sq km in the Western Ghats.
The sanctuary offers an exotic experience of the rare fauna and flora of Kerala. Quite a few hill tribes, like the Malayars, the Kadars and the Muthuvans also live in the jungles of Parambikkulam. The fauna here include Nilgiri langur, Lion-tailed macaque, tiger, Nilgiri tahr, Asian elephant, Spotted deer, Indian wild dog, several species of snakes and spiders, and innumerable bird species.
The sanctuary also has a variety of trees mainly teak, neem, sandalwood and rosewood. The oldest teak tree 'Kannimari' stands tall here.
Boat cruises can be arranged in the Parambikkulam Reservoir. Trekking in the sanctuary is possible with the permission of forest officials. There is a tree-house in the Reserve Forest area in Thoonakkadavu, the headquarters of Parambikkulam, which has to be booked in advance. The Rest Houses of the State Forest Department at Thoonakkadavu, Thellikkal and Elathode offer comfortable lodging.

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Palakkad Jn, about 93 km and Pollachi Junction (Tamilnadu), about 53 km
Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport (Tamilnadu), about 55 km from Palakkad


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