Kunchan Smarakam at Killikurissimangalam

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Regarded as the creator of Ottan Thullal, Kunjan Nambiar is said to have created this art form on being ridiculed for falling asleep during a Chakyarkoothu performance. He created history with his brand new dance form - a solo dance and a classical satirical art form, which always has an absorbent storyline relevant to contemporary issues.
The poet’s house in Killikurissimangalam has been renovated and preserved as a memorial, Kunjan Smarakam. Every year Smarakam celebrates the Navarathri festival in a grand way. The fifth day of May, the birthday of the poet is celebrated with much fanfare as Kunchandinam .
Killikurissimangalam is situated in the village of Lakkidi in Palakkad.

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Ottappalam about 8 km from Lakkidi; Palakkad, about 31 km from Lakkidi
Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport (Tamilnadu), about 95 km and Cochin International Airport, about 97 km


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