Jew Steet ,Fort Kochi

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It''s almost a walk down the lanes of antiquity. The Jew Street is lined with shops that sell curios, antique pieces of crockery, carved wooden furniture, bronze and brass sculptures, remnants of traditional houses, and jewellery. The antique sellers of these streets are the descendants of a fast dwindling population of Jews who settled down here in AD 52. Every piece that they sell has its own tale to narrate - of a palace or a home of the nobility, of travels across many lands and ages.
The Jewish Synagogue here, a mark of exceptional architecture and history, is a fascination for hundreds of visitors everyday. There are a few other Jewish settlements too in the State. But Kochi has made a name with its synagogue and the popular antique shops.

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Ernakulam South Railway Station is about 10 km
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport is about 30 km


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