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Kalaripayattu, the traditional and exclusive martial art form of Kerala is widely acclaimed as a synthesis of body control, treatment and armed and unarmed combat. This immaculate martial art form can be witnessed in its fullest, bearing all traditional and orthodox techniques and systems of treatment at the C.V.N. Kalari at Edakkad in Kozhikode. The Kalari (arena) itself is set amidst serene surroundings with an ambience that is most suited for the practice of Kalaripayattu.
The C.V.N. Kalari here at Edakkad is run by Mr. Sudhakaran Gurukal (master) who is a respected teacher and is also an accomplished Marma physician. At an early age of seven itself boys and girls can start training and the classes conducted here are for Kalaripayattu, Massage and Marma treatment and a dedicated student can master all these in a span of one to one-and-a-half years time. The centre also conducts demonstrations and workshops on Kalaripayattu at venues selected by interested parties and also for Television programmes, Movies, Dancers, Theatre artists, Athletes etc.
The month of August and the season of prosperity Onam is a perfect occasion for those who want to know a thing or two about Kalari and for health conscious individuals to try the traditional systems of health care and still for martial arts enthusiasts to go for their initiation so as to learn and practice this highly scientific martial art form to lead a life that is blessed with a healthy mind, a body free of ailments.
So, grab the opportunity of a lifetime to become part of a rich and glorious martial art tradition of Kerala.

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, about 9 km
Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport, about 32 km


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